Collection: Boundless Beads

Boundless Beads pride themselves on producing timelessly elegant glass beads and jewellery elements using only the finest raw materials. The beads are produced by highly-skilled craftspeople using traditional, centuries-old glass drawing techniques.

Boundless Beads work closely with some of the industry’s finest artisan bead makers, many of whom hail from the world-renowned crystal and bead manufacturing dynasties of the Czech Republic.

Many of the beads Boundless Beads sell, and many of the finishes they have created, are entirely unique to their collections and can be found nowhere else in the marketplace.

The size 5 glass seed beads are the perfect size, texture and weight for threading onto yarn and incorporating into woollen textile projects. Innovative techniques in lustering, rainbowing, matting, dyeing and lining give aesthetic variety to the beads, greatly increasing their design possibilities and adding patina and prestige to the finished product.

The beads complement modern and classic yarn dyes, can be pre-strung on to the yarn, or applied at the point they are required using a 0.75mm crochet hook.

15g pack (approx. 150 beads/pack)