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Addi Circular Sockwonder Needle x 25cm

Addi Circular Sockwonder Needle x 25cm

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Addi Circular SockWonder Needle 

These needles are a useful short length, perfect for socks and similar sized projects. They are easier to handle both for 'throwers' of the yarn as well as those who knit in the continental style. You have enough of a needle tip to work with, whilst the whole thing still remains neat and practical.

2 different length tips (45mm & 70mm) on an original Addi cord.

Knitting socks are easy with this mini needle because the longer needle is easier to grip. Also ideal for gloves, sleeves, cuffs or baby clothes. 

The new sock knitting needles were developed by ADDI as a result of a clever idea from a customer! The version with lace tips is now being introduced (red cord).

Nickel Free

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