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Addi CraSyTrio 21cm

Addi CraSyTrio 21cm

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Addi CraSyTrio Needles

Knit socks with 3 flexible needles - a new era to sock knitting.

With the addiCrasyTrio, the triple set of flexible double pointed needles knitting even the smallest of diameters is child's play.  This is possible due to the special flexibility of the middle section of the needle, which enables it to fit in every hand. 

When knitting in rounds, the stitches are distributed across two needles and simply knitted with the third needle - so only two needle changes are needed per round! 

Individual needles can also be used as cable needles, 

With addiCrasyTrio, it is easier, quicker and simpler to knit not just socks; gloves, leg-warmers, sleeves,hats or baby clothes are also no longer a problem. 

Length: 21cm

Made in Germany

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