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Rico Ricorumi Elf World Pattern Book

Rico Ricorumi Elf World Pattern Book

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Rico Ricorumi Elf World Pattern Book

Create crochet Ricorumi accessories for your cute little elf world with the Ricorumi Elf World Book.

It is a custom from Scandinavia for an elf to move into the home in the run up to Christmas to help with the preparations. During the day he sleeps, but at night he remodels his house, bakes cakes or decorates his trees.

This book contains patterns to decorate your home for the elf including a garland, Christmas trees, gift boxes, acorns, pieces of wood and a basket for the fireplace, little shoes and boots, a cat as a pet and other items.

Patterns in this book are made from Ricorumi yarns Uni, Twinkly Twinkly and Spray.

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